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Printed Date: Jun 05 2023 at 6:46pm
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Topic: Chemo
Posted By: Roxanne4
Subject: Chemo
Date Posted: Nov 06 2022 at 10:52am
I was just informed of my tnbc 2 weeks ago and got all my tests done with in a week and I found it ear ly they say. 3-3.7 cm not spread and not in lymph nodes. 
So why chemo instead then surgery then radiation? My fear will I look sick and like decrepit. I'm a healthy 55 yr old women go to gym.  I have 3 kids 2 just started college and one graduating.  I don't want them to know or hear the C word. My mom died of a blade tumor cancer just 5 yrs ago.  It would throw them all into a tail spin. So my concern is chemo , the pic I have in my head of my 75 yr olds mom is scaring the CRAP out of me. I don't want to look like that.  I know it was different for her,  older,  type 2 diabetes and different type cancer. But that's my fear.  They re saying first 1x a week for 12 weeks then 1x every 3 weeks for another 3-4 x, omg why so much. !! Yes I realize going to lose my hair but what else? Can I go through this and still look normal??? What happens? When? 

Posted By: kirby
Date Posted: Dec 01 2022 at 8:18pm
I am a hairdresser and worked thru chemo. I realize this isn't doable for everyone. I worked in a busy 12 operator salon so many people came thru daily. Customers never guessed I was going thru chemo. Because I wore different wigs [ and being a hairdresser] clients just thought I changed my hair often. Even with my own clients I could choose whether to mention it or not. 

Hair will usually start falling out I think 2 weeks after first infusion with AC. I shaved my head to avoid the mess of hair everywhere. Until it fell out around the bottom I could get away with wearing berets, wrapping in a scarf with a hat of some sort on top. If you look thru the old archives of this site several of us had written tips for drawing on eyebrows, wearing head wraps etc. This would probably be from around 2008-2009 perhaps [if they were never redone.] I don't come on site very often. 

Good luck to you. 



dx Feb. 2001. Age 44

2cm. no nodes stage 1 grade 3

4 rnds AC, 35 rads

Posted By: torrey.baldwin@yahoo
Date Posted: Dec 08 2022 at 9:14am
I just finished chemo with a similar regimen but mine was reversed. I had the adriamycin/Cytoxan first for 4 rounds and Taxol for 12 rounds. I also was able to continue working my part-time position in a hospital. The A/c was a little tough for 2-3 days afterwards but it was also followed by Neulasta which made me sore. I flew through the Taxol with very few side effects. I am 42 and also healthy like you. I did lose most of my hair too and got a great wig that looked just like my old hair but better. It has been great for days when I really just want to look like myself. I had lots of hats to choose from because for me that was important. Cold capping is an option for many women who would like to save their hair. For me it just wasn’t that important. My husband was a sweetie and encouraged me to have fun with the changes and I also got a different wig with long reddish hair. It came from a company out of England and was good for working out or putting up in a ponytail. I believe the website was head scarves by Ciara. It was about $90. My insurance company paid for half of my more expensive wig that looked like me. Finding a good moisturizer like Cereve also helped my skin stay looking good. I also found temporary tattoo eyebrows should I need them but ended up just penciling them in. Really there are lots of options for “staying you” throughout Chemo. I would lean on friends, family and any resources your medical team offers you like support groups, nutritional help, etc. For me talking about it was the best medicine even with my 7 and 11 year olds. I only did so with them when I was confident in my plan and treatment options. I hope this helps you and I pray that your journey is better than you expect. 

Posted By: torrey.baldwin@yahoo
Date Posted: Dec 08 2022 at 10:58am
I also recommend getting cold mittens and cold socks for your hands and feet to prevent peripheral neuropathy which is common with Taxol. Keep exercising as you feel able as this can help with chemo-induced fatigue. Make rest and mental health a priority because they are so important to healing. I also tried to stay well hydrated as that helped flush the chemo out of my system. I used airborne at times to help boost my immune system because I wasn’t a good candidate for Keytruda. If you are worried about something in particular, Google it. I found a lot of great advice from wonderful strong women in similar situations. 

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