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Recently diagnosed

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Topic: Recently diagnosed
Posted By: Tinysmum
Subject: Recently diagnosed
Date Posted: Mar 31 2020 at 2:27pm

Hi All

Iíve recently been diagnosed with stage 1 grade 2/3 TNBC IDC (size 1.8cm).  My treatment plan should have been chemo followed by surgery then radiotherapy but due to covid my oncologist advised surgery first.  I had a lumpectomy on Friday.  My boob is sore, bruised and there seems to be fluid around the incision site which Iím told is normal. 

Mentally Iím struggling with all this.  I feel that this thing is spreading and Iím going to die.  Iím 43 and have a 1 year old daughter.  Iím scared that I wonít get to see her grow up. 

Posted By: Marymom
Date Posted: Apr 01 2020 at 7:02am
Dear Tinysmum,
First of all...I am sad you are going through this during a very stressful time.  I had the same diagnosis and I am now today...28 months out and doing well.  Try to be takes a while to get there.  In the beginning I did not do well mentally. I did well physically...but my mind always went to a dark place. After a few months..I decided I was not going to give cancer my happy spirit.   I slowly came out of my fog and started talking with new cancer patients and helped them get out of their dark place. Ultimately, me helping them, led me to helping myself!  When you get scared..try to remember they are coming up with new treatments everyday and one of those days...may be the day for a maintenance medicine for us.  It is easy to say, be positive.  I can only tell you this, there was a time I thought about it all the, I go days and donít think about it.
Stay strong and healthy, Marymom

Posted By: Neen
Date Posted: Apr 02 2020 at 12:41pm
In August of 2019 I was diagnosed with TNBC Stage 1 (1.7cm), my oncologist told me I would have surgery first. My surgeon gave me a choice, so I chose chemo first, then surgery.  Due to covid, they bumped my lumpectomy surgery up, I had it last Tuesday. Now, I am going to finish my last 3 Taxol/Carbo treatments starting next Thursday.
    Getting a TN diagnoses is daunting in itself, add Covid 19 on top of that, add another layer of stress.
    Fear is faith in reverse!! It is hard but you must have positive thoughts... replace negative thoughts with positive ones. I agree with Marymom, I decided cancer was not going to steal my joy. This will get easier with each day!! It is a battle!
We have a choice each morning to chose happiness or gloom. You tell yourself you are going to survive and thrive. Tell yourself you are going to live and be here for your daughter! Believe that, hold onto it, don't let anyone take it away. You will get through the storm! It is for a short time...
   The women on this forum are a source of wisdom and strength. We are here to carry one another and pick each other up!!!! Live each day to the full....

Posted By: Shona
Date Posted: Apr 03 2020 at 6:58am
Hi Tinysmum
I was diagnosed on the 5th March, I had a lumpectomy on the 11th and due to start Chemo on Monday..... I am also really scared, I live alone in South Africa and we have a hectic lock down..... I find when I get overwhelmed to just think of the steps that are taken on a daily basis... dont try and think about next year, deal with what you can on a daily basis. I have found Journal ling great, both written and video, helps to get those emotions out, anger, frustration.... cry if you need to, it helps.
But you know what, WE will get through this, we are strong powerful women, stay strong, stay safe xx

Posted By: Eva A
Date Posted: Jul 02 2020 at 4:20pm
Hi Tinysmum,
Take it easy. I had a lumpectomy on 1st June. There was fluid so i was sent hime with a drain which i had for a week then it was removed. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow to check on the surgery site before she clears me for chemo. 
I am 42. I have been trying for a baby for the past 1 year but have had to hold on for now. 
You will not die and you will be ok. Be strong for your baby. We are in together. 
Sending you warm hugs.

Posted By: CMDW
Date Posted: Jul 03 2020 at 2:46pm
Dear Tinysmum-

This diagnosis is a frightening one, thatís for sure.  I had never heard of triple negative until it happened to me.  Fear is a terrible and unproductive feeling, but we canít avoid it at times.  It seems trite to say, but try to take one day at a time-thatís all we are given.  And as others have said, try to find happiness in each day and be hopeful for the best outcome.

Donít concern yourself too much with what your breast looks and feels like.  My surgery was last October and my breast is still lumpy and tender-but thatís okay.

There have been many advances in treating TNBC.  I hope that in time, you will be feeling more relaxed.  Best wishes to you, Cindy

66 at diagnosis. 3/2019, AC/T, lumpectomy, 30 radiation. Complete 12/19. IDC, grade 2-3, 4 cores .2-1.5cm, yellow lobulated fibroadipose, stage pT1b, NO

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