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Mother in law diagnosed this week.

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Topic: Mother in law diagnosed this week.
Posted By: lmyamen
Subject: Mother in law diagnosed this week.
Date Posted: Nov 30 2018 at 1:30pm
Well this has been a quick turn of events in our lives. My mother in law who is 61 and has been a very healthy person just got her TNBC diagnosis this week. She felt a lump about 10 days ago doing a self exam, went in got a biopsy and found out it was caner.

met with the Oncologist today and was told the news that it was triple negative and grade 3. From what i understand she is stage 1 (from what the surgeon said on her visit prior to the oncologist). She has a small tumor in one breast but nothing has spread to the lymph nodes yet.

The plan will be 6 months of chemo followed by either a lumpectomy and radiation or a mastectomy. Below is the info my wife gave me from the visit.

Chemotherapy: Adriamycin and Cyclophosphamide every 2 weeks - total of 4 doses. Neulasta (immune booster) day after each cycle.
Paclitaxel weekly for total of 12 doses.

Anyone on here had a similar diagnosis and how were your results with a plan like this?

I have never had anyone in my adult life close to me have Cancer and we are extremely close with her Mom and Dad. I am having a hard time clearing my mind of fears and with the triple negative diagnosis I feel like my head is spinning with all the research I am doing. Any advice on how to be there for her while she is going through all of this? My wife is also due in 3 months with our first child so it has been a strange time now trying to be really happy about our child but her moms cancer is also consuming our thoughts.

Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: Lisa s
Date Posted: Nov 30 2018 at 11:05pm
I was stage 2 grade 3 in May of 2017. Had same chemo regimen followed by lumpectomy and radiation. I did have a complete response to treatment. The worse side effects for me were tiredness. I was able to go back to work while on taxol and radiation but stayed home when I needed to. I wish your mother in law well!

Posted By: lmyamen
Date Posted: May 29 2019 at 12:34pm
Thought I would share a positive post on here. Mother in law finished up her chemo 7 weeks ago, went in to check the marker and could not find any trace of the cancer at all. She had a single side mastectomy 2 weeks ago and got the report this week from the doctor she is officially cancer free!

All to often we do not see positive posts so wanted to give an update!

Posted By: sophie
Date Posted: May 29 2019 at 2:35pm
Great news ../ happy for you and your family.... how big the tumor was ? It is good to do chemo then surgery... congratulations for the cancer free!!!

Posted By: Penny
Date Posted: May 29 2019 at 8:41pm
I had a similar diagnosis.  Lumpectomy, Chemo and radiation.  Super healthy and active.  Shocked to get the diagnosis.  Two years post treatment I am fine and thriving.  Have my two year check up next week.  Keep positive, keep moving and definitely get excited about the new baby coming.  If Mom is like me, this experience will strengthen her and make her appreciate all the little things even more.  Stay on this site, it literally saved me from worry.  


DX IDC, TNBC 12/7/16 (age 55), Stage 1a Grade 2, .6cm, 0/1 nodes, Lumpectomy & node dissection 12/22/16, BRCA1&2 negative 1/23/17 Chemo TC. Chemo completed 3/28/17. 30 RADs completed 6/6/17.

Posted By:
Date Posted: May 29 2019 at 9:54pm
Hi I just had a bilaterAl mastectomy and am starting chemists my first one and have been extremely sick ever since with headache stomach ache and a very sore throat i have3 Mitchell to go but I don't know if I can handle it does it get easier?

Posted By: Kellyless
Date Posted: May 30 2019 at 2:33pm
Welcome sclark3, so very sorry you are suffering debilitating side effects from chemo. Do you know what chemo drugs you received, is it "AC" or perhaps Cytoxin and Taxotere? Regardless, your doctor can switch your anti-nausea meds until you find the one that works for you. Almost always they can find a combination that gives you reasonable quality of life. Are you just terribly nauseous or are you actually vomiting? You should NOT be actually throwing up! Usually you will be doing a combo of a 2-4 drugs. Example: my first time I took Compazine and Zofran. It worked reasonably well, on really bad days they had be add steroid pills and Ativan, which help the drugs work better. The second time I had a terrible time with my chemo, Carboplatin. Zofran did nothing so I tried Emend with Ativan and it worked better (no more throwing up). On the advice of a friend I tried cannabis (hadnt done that since highschool!) It turned out to be a tremendous help. Not legal here, but friends got it for me from california, colorado and vegas. And....somewhere local. Another friend found the drug Kytril banished her chemo nausea, it can be administered via a skin patch if you are vomiting. Zofran is available in a suppository as well. All of these chemo anti-nauseas work in a medically different way, and every person is different so its a trial and error situation. Be patient but INSIST your doctor listen to you and prescribe different drugs until your find a combo that works!!!! Chemo is so important, as is your quality of life, so dont suffer in silence! I just remembered that I went in to the cancer center for an IV bag of.....vitamins and nausea drugs and "things" a few days after chemo the last couple of treatments, to keep me ok enough to make it to the end on schedule. Theres just ALWAYS something else to try!
Also talk to them about the headaches. Again, there's a variety of drugs to treat it - migraine preventatives, opiods, etc., to ease the pain. Ask your doctor if she has samples to get you started on new drugs, especially if your pharmacy has to order the meds she prescribes (my pharmacy had to order Emend every week! My insurance would only pay for it one week at a time....annoying!) 
Stay in touch with us here, I'll be thinking of you. Kelly

IDC, 2.2 cm, Stage IIb,lumpectomy 1/30/09 ACx4,Tx4 36 rads
6/1/16 Local recurrence same breast, same spot 1.8cm Carb.4x every 3 wks, Taxol 12x once wk. Dbl Mast. PCR!! Reconstruction fail, NED!

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