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Foundation One Testing

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Topic: Foundation One Testing
Posted By: thginknodnarb
Subject: Foundation One Testing
Date Posted: Jul 07 2017 at 4:29pm
Just looking to see if anyone has had any luck with the results of Foundation One testing? 

My wife is currently looking for a clinical trial and her onc is having this test run. We have ran into some road blocks finding a clinical trial due to the fact that her initial tumor tests came back 5% ER+ and that is preventing her from getting into some TNBC trials.



*April 2015*
-Diagnosed w/ Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma* 
-Cancer was present in axillary lymph nodes
-BRCA 2 +

*May - July 2015*
-4 Rounds of Adriamycin & Cytoxan
-4 Rounds of Taxol

*September 2015*
-Double Mastectomy w/ Axillary Lymph Node Removal
-All tests came back with clear margins. Considered a complete response.

*November 2015*
-Preventative Hystorectomy

*November - December 2015*
-Radiation to Right Chest Wall

*April 2016*
-Small “BB” like nodules began appearing on Right Chest Wall below the Radiation zone and along her Sternum.
-Punch Biopsy came back Metastatic Breast Cancer

*June 2016*
-Oncologist and Surgeon agreed to try radical surgery. 
-Removed entire right chest wall down to her Rib Cage
-Wound was left open(wound vac) for 30 days to check for clear margins around the removed area.

*July 2016*
-Plasic Surgeon used a *Latissimus Flap and Skin Graft* to cover the open area.
-Before area was healed more “BB” like nodules began to appear around the flap.
-Punch Biospy came back MBC again.

*August 2016*
-Placed on Xeloda
-After 4 weeks on Xeloda the skin and chest wall metastasis had spread from her right arm pit all the way across to her left arm pit. It consisted of the “BB” like nodules, a purple rash, and several areas where it had broken through the skin and was weeping.

*October 2016*
-Switched to Carboplatin & Gemzar treatment.
-Week 1 Carbo/Gemzar
-Week 2 Gemzar
-Week 3 Off.
-Had to receive a Blood Transfusion once during this treatment.

*November-December 2016*
-Break from Treatment

*January - March 2017*
-Rash and “BB” nodules began to return.
-Switched to Gemzar only treatment.
-2 weeks on, 1 week off.

*April - May2017*
-Pain began to increase in chest wall
-PET revealed that while skin was looking better the cancer in her chest wall was still growing.
-Switched to Halavin for treatment.
-2 weeks on, 1 week off.
-While on vacation at end of May. Reddness, Swelling, Rash, “BB” nodules, and open soars began to return to her chest wall.
-MRI after a 2 week break for vacation revealed a rather large mass between her rib cage and latissimus flap.

*June 2017*
-Began searching for clinical trials. 
-Has received one round of *Carboplatin* to try and control her cancer while looking for a trial to enter.

*At no point has there been signs of Metastasis to Brain, Lungs, Liver, or Bones.*

Posted By: gordon15
Date Posted: Jul 15 2017 at 6:02pm
We are in San Diego, so I don't know if this can help your wife. My wife had results yesterday of her latest PET w/ UCSDMoores/ Dr Kurzrock and I'm happy to report the one lymph node still showing uptake (axillary, meaning in armpit) has gotten smaller, since her last PET.

The metabolic activity is reduced. They (surgeon (Wilde) onco (Sinclair) thought it could be infection or the tissue settling out after her surgery, so this is great news for us, so it's been about a year without recurrance, and since it's "metaplastic/squamous" that's a huge relief., for now. Pathology report says it is not likely to be carcinoma because it would be getting larger if so.

thginknodnarb: my wife has had genetic tests, I'm copying here, Moores sent out, and continues to do so. They think she now can have a PET every six months instead of 3.

The tests/UCSD/Moores did are (3) labs:


FoundationOne== EGFR F795C mutation detected( I think this is the strongest genetic mutation) > approved therapies (in patients tumor type) > lapatinib

Caris Life Sciences

I don't know if it's possible to get your wife to Moores, but I am convinced it's the best care locally, for my wife. ( And don't think we aren't grateful that her surgeon, Dr.Mary Wilde believes in taking as many patients as possible, and including Medicare. The sh*t-show going on with health"care" truly makes these forums more important than ever.)

The latest blood tests came back, for instance as my wife is "BRCA2" positive. Dr. Kurzrock said " it's gone from a "Q" to a Q" and not to worry about this mutation. That's fine by me ! She is amazingly confident.
FoundationOne test shows a strong mutation,( see above), and they noted an FDA approved chemo should she have recurrance. They also list drugs that are effective in other types of cancer. Hope this helps, G." rel="nofollow -

wife: IDC/Lobular Stage2B 2008 lumpectomy/TAC+rads
TNBC Stage 3A/w/metaplastic/squamous Nov2015 Carboplatin-Gemzar chemo/masectomy Taxolchemo+rads 4-16
PET scan stable 9-2016/ 1-2017

Posted By: Aship
Date Posted: Jul 16 2017 at 9:21am
Hey. I have had the Foundation One testing done. It showed 5 mutations with no FDA approved therapies. It did however suggest 4 clinical trials that may be helpful. I did not get into one of those 4 but will be starting a trial at Vanderbilt next week. I have TNBC with mets to lymph nodes in chest, lung nodules, & now a spot on my liver. Been through a lot of the same chemos your wife has.
Eribulin, Gemzar & Cispltin, stopped cispltin and switched to Carbo & Gemzar. Now on to trial. I know how incredibly frustrating it can be. Keep searching. As you know a lot of it is timing...if you haven't used the TNBC Breast care Foundation clinical trial search option I would. They have been amazing. That's how I found the trial I will be starting. Good luck. Keep going...don't give up...🙏

Posted By: gordon15
Date Posted: Jul 18 2017 at 5:47pm
Thanks for your post, regarding FoundationOne genetic testing, and how it can help. My wife was referred from Scripps La Jolla California by her oncologist to the neighboring UCSan Diego/Moores, because she had exhausted chemo options, so, she is basically a subject of research at Moores, and they will make her available to clinical trials.

wife: IDC/Lobular Stage2B 2008 lumpectomy/TAC+rads
TNBC Stage 3A/w/metaplastic/squamous Nov2015 Carboplatin-Gemzar chemo/masectomy Taxolchemo+rads 4-16
PET scan stable 9-2016/ 1-2017

Posted By: gordon15
Date Posted: Aug 08 2017 at 10:16am
Wanted to pass along that my wife's doctor sent out to a new lab, OmniSeq in Buffalo, NY, the "OmniSeq Immune Report Card" results came back with recommendations, extremely thorough, even listing all clinical trials , should my wife have a recurrance.

It's even more detailed than FoundationOne, it did confirm one drug therapy most promising.

wife: IDC/Lobular Stage2B 2008 lumpectomy/TAC+rads
TNBC Stage 3A/w/metaplastic/squamous Nov2015 Carboplatin-Gemzar chemo/masectomy Taxolchemo+rads 4-16
PET scan stable 9-2016/ 1-2017

Posted By: marina
Date Posted: Aug 13 2017 at 9:51pm
I had Foundation One, and it was very detailed and helpful in identifying trials as well as other FDA approved therapies that exist 

DX IDC TNBC 10/11 age 49, Stage 2,Grade 3, 2.3cm,clear sentinal node, lumpectomy & re-excision,BRCA-,DD A/C & T, 34 rads
4/14 bone met 3X5X8cm
9/15 lung mets

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