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Starting Radiation - Advice

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Topic: Starting Radiation - Advice
Posted By: jackieanne
Subject: Starting Radiation - Advice
Date Posted: Mar 14 2016 at 8:19pm
Hello ladies!  Today I was mapped for my radiation, which will be starting in approx 10 days or so. I will have 35 treatments over 7 weeks  Any advice?

Background:  Diagnosed Stage 3C August 14, 2015.  Tumor in right breast and multiple (more than 10) lymph nodes.   4 A/C treatments and 12 Taxol treatments.   Total Radical Mastectomy with reconstruction on 2/10/16.   Chemo got rid of original tumor in breast and all of the lymph nodes they removed were negative for active cancer.

Posted By: Minigerkin
Date Posted: Mar 14 2016 at 8:58pm
Hi Jackieanne,
I just had my 9th radiation treatment today.  I have a total of 33.  I find rad tx to be a "cake walk" compared to all the chemo we've been through.  Within the last two tx, I found a couple hours afterwards, the fatigue hit me.  It is a totally different fatigue from the chemo fatigue.  I just took a nice afternoon nap and felt fine afterwards. Just listen to your body.  But I understand from others on this forum that we may experience some "burning" sensation, but that hasn't hit me yet.

I'll be thinking and praying for you!


Posted By: gordon15
Date Posted: Mar 15 2016 at 7:37pm
Minigerkin- my wife is about into her 9th radiation- she is very irritable, even though she is sleeping well, she is getting tired with each radiation treatment, I think this is normal... that fatigue sets in.
My heart goes out to all going thru chemo and/or wife is undergoing her 2nd battle since 2008...

There is a term "nadir" (pronounced nay-dear) it's (according to my wife) a point after chemo where the cumulative affects of chemo  affect the system the most, she said it's about 7-10 days after finishing chemo, where the cumulative affects hit bottom, and the the immune system takes over, to build up the system. I see this now, where my wife had big problems with sinus , and bloody noses, where the small blood vessels break down, but about 4 weeks after chemo ended, this has subsided... now it's about 8 weeks, the sinus problems are pretty much gone.
The problems of the intestine, like IBS still linger, it's just something to deal with, but she is alive and has a lot of energy still. fyi

Posted By: Minigerkin
Date Posted: Mar 16 2016 at 1:40pm
Hi Gordon15,
Thank you for sharing the information on nadir, it eases my mind to know I'm not going crazy.  About two weeks ago, I began to have nose bleeds, and muscles spasms on a daily basis.  I called and spoke with the Onc RN and she chalked these to "changes in the weather" and to take Clartin.  I did not follow her advice, because I am so tired of taking all the meds and taking one less is a major accomplishment at this point.

Again, thanks for the information.  It saddens me to learn this is your wife's 2nd battle.  
I hope and pray her radiation goes well.  Please keep in touch.



Posted By: Minigerkin
Date Posted: Mar 20 2016 at 11:19am
Hi Y'all,
This is a stupid question, but I need your advice/suggestion/tips.  At what point after your chemo treatments did you begin to pluck eyebrows and shave/wax legs and pits?



Posted By: MLindaG
Date Posted: Mar 26 2016 at 11:53pm
Gordon,  I've never heard of the nadir but I did experience it in full force!!  I had finished Chemo on Dec. 20th 2012 and my kids, wives and grandchildren all arrive on the 22nd for the holidays........I hit the wall around the 27th and everyone was concerned as I barely held the baby.......went to bed often and felt awful (I figured it was the steriods leaving and my body having to readjust itself to not having them.....I had taxol for the last 12 weeks where I was taking steriods two days before chemo.......steriods in the chemo and then I took some for two days after) I had no taste buds.........everything tasted like cardboard and I just felt plain awful.  No one had prepared me for how bad I was going to feel  or I would have possibly changed having all those house guests!! (6 adults and 2 kids) they ended up postponing my surgery until I was feeling better which at the time I was upset and cried about but as I look back it was a blessing!   I'm now out 3 years and I'm great!  Still NED and enjoying all this nice weather we've been having! :)

Minigerkin.........since I was post menopause.......I have not had to shave legs or pits since..........Eyebrows took some time to come in (most of them came in white!) and it took quite awhile to get it all under control where I didn't have to do so much plucking -  at first I was getting a ton of hair in the brows - I did take care to not over pluck (we did a lot of that in the 80 -90's and now it isn't in fashion) ......I was surprised how much facial hair I got (seeing that all those other areas I did not get hair) and I ended up doing threading to get rid of it and I've not had to do it again.  My eyelashes were interesting as they came in all at once and I remember having a crying episode one morning when I couldn't believe it.........they had all fallen out was during my Rads (Chemo finished in Dec. surgery Feb.  Rads  April/May ....they came back in again with no problem...... I just didn't expect that to happen and I don't think it happens to everyone.  My hair came in exactly how it was before chemo.......eyelashes always were on the curly side.........came in straight then fell out and came in curly like they were before!  LOL  you just never know!! :)  Everyone is so different! Good luck!! After I finished all my chemo I dreamed of dyeing my hair again and then it came in all white and my dh loved it and I ended up going a' natural!! I call it platinum and I've even  had woman ask me what color I dye it!  LOL   

Dx TNBC 6/12; age 59; Stage 3, Grade 3; 3.5 cm, 3/10 nodes + chest wall nodes; A/C x4, T x 12 completed 12/12 with PCR, 2/13/13 lump; IMRT Rads x 33 completed 5/22/13 BRCA 1 negative.

Posted By: Minigerkin
Date Posted: Mar 27 2016 at 5:36pm
Thanks for your input.  I certainly needed to hear (read) the experience you had. My hair is growing out so soft and dark and when it reaching a certain length turns out gray.  I also have notice an increase in facial hair especially on my chin.  Did the threading hurt much?  I was just going to wax, but since hearing from you, it might be the best to thread and not have it growing back.

Again thanks!


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