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Having recurrance

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Topic: Having recurrance
Posted By: Soorya
Subject: Having recurrance
Date Posted: Dec 15 2017 at 10:54am
Regret to meet in such a situation but need some support from you all wonderful people

I was diagnosed nov 16 for TNBC(stage 2 , BRCA negative,0 to 3 +ive nodes) .Did chemo,mastectomy and radiation
During my regular check up again in nov 17, diagnosed with local recurrence near mastectomy site.My scans are clear
Did a lumpectomy again and waiting for further treatment

Is anybody in similar situation diagnosed with in such short time.

Also is this curable?
Need some support and hope
BTW i am 35 yr old

Posted By: Kellyless
Date Posted: Dec 15 2017 at 4:49pm
Welcome soorya, so glad you found us but so very sorry for your recurrence. I was diagnosed last year with a recurrence, but my first was in 2009. Your 2 diagnoses being this close together means they'll probably say it's the same event not fully cured would be my guess, whereas mine has to be a brand new growth, which is quite rare. Regardless, they'll treat it the same I think. Have they determined if it Was just in the remaining breast tissue? Is the pathology of it _exactly_ the same as the first? I believe you're saying they've done a lumpectomy first? If that's the case, are they saying they got good sized, clean margins?
My advise always is to get a second opinion. My second opinion at MD Anderson this time changed the chemo plan. I had a complete response (all cancer was gone at the time of my surgery after chemo) so my second opinion was a possibly life saving decision! And yes, I'd say this is indeed curable -
it's been over a year since my surgery and I still show no evidence of disease, I'm feeling better every day and I'm enjoying myself more than I have in many years. You will get thru this! Feel free to send me a private message if you'd like to talk.

IDC, 2.2 cm, Stage IIb,lumpectomy 1/30/09 ACx4,Tx4 36 rads
6/1/16 Local recurrence same breast, same spot 1.8cm Carb.4x every 3 wks, Taxol 12x once wk. Dbl Mast. PCR!! Reconstruction fail, NED!

Posted By: tacoates
Date Posted: Jan 28 2018 at 3:18pm
hi Soorya - i'm sorry you are going through this.  I have a friend who had a reoccurrence and it was a rare situation.  she had the chemo and mastectomy and 2 years later it showed up in lymph nodes but she is great now...  4 years cancer free and she's living life.  I agree that this is curable and we all have to keep remembering that!  it's a very scary road but you will get through it :)
Lots of hugs and good wishes...

Posted By: Soorya
Date Posted: Jan 29 2018 at 2:14pm
Hi all
Thank you for all wishes.Now started my second round of cisplatin and gemzar.Onco had suggested for 6 cycles.
Hope it will work this time

Posted By: Greengrass1
Date Posted: Feb 11 2018 at 4:11pm
Hi, I'm just wondering if ur friend had surgery on lymph nodes when it reoccurred? Or, did she just have chemo? It's great she's 4 years cancer free from when it reoccurred!

Posted By: Tonya98
Date Posted: Feb 15 2018 at 1:34pm
It's good that your scan is clear and that this is a local recurrece. I had skin mets 3 months after finishing radiation and my oncologist at the time still thouht I had a chance at a cure. That was over 10 years ago. I haven't had skin mets since. Another recurrence to chest wall in 2008, more chemo and now no further progression since that trial.

2/1/07 -IDC 2.5cm node positive her2+ ACT&herceptin.

1/8/08 recurrence to skin -triple negative. 07/23/10 -chest wall. Parp trial 9/10 - present. Iniparib ending November 2015 Stable 9/19/2016

Posted By: Lisa s
Date Posted: Mar 25 2018 at 1:13am
Finished treatment Feb 2018. Had chemo lumpectomy and radiation. The opposite breast now feels bigger and a little harder than radiation breast. Some arm pain that seems like nerve pain. I had a complete response to treatment but am freaking out. Anyone else experience this?

Posted By: Kellyless
Date Posted: Mar 25 2018 at 7:23pm
Always call your oncologist when you feel anything different at all. It's usually nothing, but even just worrying like you are isn't good for you. Schedule a quick mammogram to ease your mind. I've had 3 medical and 2 surgical oncologists now, they all said to call with any changes I felt in my body that bothered me. Have a glass of wine tonight and call them in the morning! Then let us know when you get the official all clear :)

IDC, 2.2 cm, Stage IIb,lumpectomy 1/30/09 ACx4,Tx4 36 rads
6/1/16 Local recurrence same breast, same spot 1.8cm Carb.4x every 3 wks, Taxol 12x once wk. Dbl Mast. PCR!! Reconstruction fail, NED!

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